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Changing Minds

What does it mean to be creative if not changing minds? It means to skip along the neurons of your brain and merrily find yourself lost in a forest of ideas.To limit the domain of creativity to one hemisphere of the brain is miss out on 50 percent of the fun.

Juan Carlos Cordovez-Mantilla

For most of my career I have worked in visually creative fields. I have been a graphic designer, a photographer, a writer, an interior designer, and a visual merchandiser. In 2021 I chose to limit my creativity to one hemisphere of the brain and decided to scratch an itch, I started to study coding.

So far I have delved into Python and JavaScript, the former because I am interested in studying data and the latter because it helps me to create web apps. If you are interested in finding out more about me professionally or personally, please use the email button on the top of the page to contact me.

This site will be revised often as I progress to explore my creativity.