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What does it mean to be creative if not “Changing Minds”?

My name is Juan Carlos Cordovez-Mantilla and during you know when I had another change of mind about my career and decided to explore coding. I started with a bootcamp focusing on Javascript and the MERN stack. This year (2023) saw another pivot and I find myself more captivated by Python. The advantage of looking at coding from the point of view of these two languages means that the bigger picture is coming into focus.

This site is meant to help along the process of finding this focus and sharing my learning process with those who may have the same thought processes that I have. A process that is often more visual and metaphorical given my past career in more visual creative fields.

I have been a graphic designer, photographer, writer and even interior designer. I see coding as an extension to this creativity. It is after all about learning to dream in a new language.

The name of the website is a reference to the original El Cordobés (note the difference in spelling)

Use the links below the sidebar to contact me. The half-moon icon toggles between dark/light mode.